Attend world-class events and exhibitions all geared to assist you succeed in the 21st century nation by giving you an opportunity to network and acquire invaluable insights and practical knowledge.

Digital Economy Entrepreneurship Forum

Learn, Launch Digital Economy

Digital Economy Entrepreneurship Forum is a franchise and series of educational opportunities that highlights and educate entrepreneurship opportunities within Digital and ICT for sustainable development with an emphasis on the National development Plan.

Our Forum offer a variety of speakers, panel discussions and community inclusion activities & other dynamic initiaitves geared towards empowering technology entrepreneurship.

Wonder Youth Skills Development Indaba & Exhibiton

Wonder Youth skills development indaba and exhibition is a franchise and a series of educational programming and initiatives that highlights transitioning of skills development system into new post education and training agenda within the 21 SETAS.

ICT Career Development for Teachers

What is the Educators ICT Career Development for Teachers?

The Educators ICT Career Development for Teachers is the most recognized career guidance and further career exhibition in the Gauteng province. Providing an abundant talent pool for training institutions and top employers, and empowering Educators to make informed decisions about their future.

Unlike other exhibitions of a similar kind which solely focus on one target group, ICT CAREER Development for Teachers brings together a multitude of Educators across the province over 2500 educators who all have the same ambition to empower themselves to succeed in teaching within ICT.

Our Forum offer a variety of speakers, panel discussions and community inclusion activities & other dynamic initiaitves geared towards empowering technology entrepreneurship.

E-Schools Connectivity and Security Expo

The purpose of the Connectivity and Security Expo is to effectively provide a collaborative & engaging platform where ICT experts, influencers & thought leaders from education, business and civic society sectors share knowledge, expertise , insights & strategies in the ICT education with school leaders and educators to build 21st century schools. Delegates will share effective strategies, methods & approaches of using ICT equipment’s in schools such as newly introduced tablets in schools by the Department of Education.

The main objectives of the Expo are to bridge the digital divide in disadvantaged schools; address educational inequalities, and improve teaching and learning through effective usage of ICT technology in our schools.

The Expo plays an integral role in creating sustaining ICT interventions in school environments that mirror the demographic makeup of this country, and showcasing a collection of the most vital ICT tools, strategies, and best-practices available.

Educators Digital Learning Symposium

This course is intended specifically for educators and managers in Education to increase their proficiency in using ICT in a classroom. Attendees will learn how to effectively differentiate between eLearning and eTeaching and implement these concepts in a classroom. This course will focus on only two concepts of Integrating the CAPS Curriculum into daily teaching and learning.

The Department also aims to improve its average results for primary school learners with action plan to improve the grade promotion of learners through Grades 1 to 9. The Senior Phase has recorded the lowest results over the years. This results in the peak in high failure, repetition, and drop-out rate that starts from grade 9. The biggest identifiable results are the accumulated knowledge and skills gap from the lower grades and the inability to meet the cognitive demands of the Curriculum of the higher grades.

E-Digital Marketing Indaba for SMEs

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Full Day Workshop Training: How to Start and Run a High Profit Social Media and Digital Marketing Agency