Our Story

We an non-profit organization backed by Gauteng provincial government its aim is to create an alternative environment that empowers and encourages business and education to consider opportunities and development in the fastest growing field of Digital and ICT with an emphasis of the National development plan for sustainable development its dedication and core strategic focus is to fostering the sustainability and growth of the SME & education, skills development sector, driving job creation, alleviating unemployment and nurturing the country’s economic growth through Digital and ICT by enabling the 21st century nation.

SA-ITHUTE and its partners Invest in self-sustaining programs that uses technology to meet some of society’s biggest challenge, we deploy our expertise, technology, partnerships and financial resources to help build thriving and progressive 21st century nation that improves people lives and we are excited to be driven and sustained by corporate social investment. Our social investment programs and initiatives focus on four areas where we believe SA-ITHUTE can add the most value and make a significant impact

Daniel Mathibedi

Founder & President

+27 12 753 8110

  • Expertise in Sales and Marketing
  • Innovation Architect
  • Digital and Technology Disruptor Guru
  • Global Sponsorship and CSI Coach
  • Skills development & Social Activist

Daniel is South Africa’s leading expert on Digital and ICT Integration. He has been running highly profitable initiatives on Digital and ICT since 2015 and has mastered the art of digital and ICT business! He is a practical, social entrepreneur he is driven by his innovation, research and his disruption strategies to help SME’S and Entrepreneurs in South Africa.

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